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“汐游寶寶”的“汐”諧音“戲”,我們的游泳課是讓寶寶在“戲水”中學習游泳,也就是在玩的過程中學習新的知識(Play to Learn)。我們非常注重寓教於樂,生動有趣的課程讓寶寶在短時間適應水並喜愛游泳。我們希望通過嬰幼兒游泳,您的孩子在他/她的一生中可以充分享受各種水中運動所帶來的樂趣!

  • 1. 我們尊重每個寶寶都是獨一無二的個體,我們絕不勉強寶寶做他們不願意的動作,包括潛水,我們尊重寶寶的學習速度和學習方式。

  • 2. 我們提倡寶寶和父母在游泳課的親子時光(Bonding),培養嬰幼兒在水的環境中對父母的信任和依賴。

  • 3. 我們在水中為父母提供一個充滿驚喜的探索嬰幼兒潛能的機會。

  • 4. 我們為寶寶提供一個正面的沒有壓力的水中學習環境,我們的教學是以寶寶的意願為導向,我們和父母一起為寶寶創造美好和愉快的上課過程。寶寶的開心快樂比學習新動作要更重要。

  • 5. 我們提倡寶寶和寶寶之間的和諧互動以及為家長之間創造一個友善的社交環境。

  • 6. 我們不用脖圈和其他的傳統的浮具,我們不希望寶寶在水中有不真實的安全感。

  • 7. 我們培養寶寶對水的喜愛和尊重,培養寶寶的水中自信心,並教寶寶如何在水中自救。

Our teaching concept

We are very focused on fun-based, child-led and educational activities for our little swimmers.

Babies are playing in the process of learning how to swim during the swimming lessons. We provide a positive, safe and interesting learning environment in order to make babies love the water for the rest of their life.

  • 1. We respect each child as a unique individual, we understand every child has a different learning pace and personality. We NEVER force any baby to do what they don’t want to do, including being submerged.

  • 2. We promote babies and parents swimming together during a “Parent-Child” activity during the lessons.

  • 3. We facilitate the parent and baby bond and grow their mutual trust and help parents understand babies’ movements in the water and natural affinity with the water. Parents will be surprised and delighted to discover how content and happy their babies are while in the water!

  • 4. We provide a stress free and positive learning environment. Children’s happiness is far more important than mastering skills. Therefore, our swimming lessons are child-led and full of fun!

  • 5. We advocate the harmonious interaction between babies and create a social environment between parents.

  • 6. We do NOT use the neck/round floats. Babies’ sense of security in the water comes from their parents and loving companionship.

  • 7. We develop babies’ love and respect for water, foster their confidence in the water and teach them how to help/save themselves in the water. (However it’s not a drown proof class, parents have to supervise closely when children are in the water or near the water.)

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