NO.364 楹琪


2023 7/8 (3Y2M) 挑戰五米成功

I vividly recall the first time Eleanor attempted her first swim class。She was around 5.5 month old back,⭐️then She was all smiley and truly enjoyed herself during class and🌈 I knew she was a water baby and I had made the right decision to sign her up for swim class.

🐳Time flies and she had attended class regularly for almost three years,Eleanor unlocked her 5m milestone when she turned three year old,What anachievement!

🌿However It was really mix feelings as a parent,we as parent want our child to grow up ”fast’” but yet we feel sad when they grow up too fast。

Eleanor has grown up and learnt so much under 小哈老師guidance,🏆Eleanor’s achievement would not have been possible without her own hard work and 小哈老師patience and mentoring。

Thank you 小哈老師 ,look forward to Eleanor and her younger sister unlocking more milestones with汐游寶寶.